Sony's new Wonderbook is innovative and ambitious, and it seeks to bring tidings of cheer to many this holiday season.

In a new behind-the-scenes video, London Studio talks about how Wonderbook came about, starting with the fact that the original concept began early on this generation when Sony's augmented reality tech ad resulted in two ideas. One of those ideas was a virtual pet, the other was a virtual book.

Obviously, they first went with the pet idea; you all may remember the EyePet, which only required tracking one marker at a time. But EyePet did pretty well so the publishers opted to try the second idea, too, which is more complicated but also offers more in the way of options and choices. It should be no surprise to learn that Wonderbook uses advanced EyePet technology; the cool part is that even if markers are blocked from view, like when we turn a page, the tech should still work.

Plus, they wanted to implement PlayStation Move functionality for their Book of Spells idea, because the Move wand looks like…well, a wand. The result is something that imaginative and creative kids might really enjoy, and we're interested to give it a try as well.