I've recently and reluctantly maintained that I may not qualify as your quintessential hardcore game fan .

When you look at something like PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale , one obviously understands that it's designed with the fans in mind. You know, everyone who has lost countless hours to the PlayStation brand over the past sixteen or seventeen years. For many younger gamers, they grew up with the likes of Ratchet & Clank, Dante, Sly Cooper, Kratos, and Sweet Tooth. I also have plenty of fond memories with most of the characters on the battle roster for that game.

And yet, I admit I'm not all that interested. I've never been into fighting games and I certainly wasn't on board with Super Smash Bros. I have an even softer spot in my heart for the old-school Nintendo mascots and that wasn't enough to convince me. So maybe it's just because I'm not a "hardcore" fan of the industry (even though I'll be gaming forever) that such titles don't interest me. So the question is- If you're a confirmed PlayStation fan, you have to realize that PlayStation All-Stars is designed specifically with you in mind. Is that enough?

I've heard die-hard fans say they'll do just about anything that's even remotely related to their favorite stuff. Hardcore "Star Trek" fans will watch anything with that name in the title, even if they've heard it's awful. So I wonder if the same mentality works with gamers; in other words, if you really love so many of the characters in Battle Royale , will you even care how good the game is? I don't know, maybe not. It'll be interesting to see how it fares when it launches in November.

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