If you enjoyed the undead slashfest that was Dead Island , you should be all in next year.

That's 'cuz next year, developer Techland will bring you Dead Island Riptide . The game was officially announced earlier this year but it didn't have a release date attached…it doesn't now, either, but at least we know it'll drop some time in 2013.

The new effort features a bigger and better presentation, including weather effects like flooding plus an overhauled game engine. Also, we won't be returning to the same tropical island overrun with zombies, but it will be on a different island in the same archipelago. Oh, and if you put a fair amount of time into the first game, you'll have a little edge in Riptide : You'll be able to import save info from the original title into the sequel. Not sure exactly what that'll get you, but at least it's a bonus.

Dead Island shipped over 3 million copies and was greeted with general critical acclaim. Lastly, don't forget that Techland is cranking away on a brand new IP dubbed "Project Horror."

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