There are certain upcoming PS3 titles that are always big news, regardless of what that news may be. The next Killzone is one of those games, and we have learned that more information could be right around the corner, thanks to the launch of the official site .

Killzone Unit , an unofficial fansite, reports that GamePlanet "tipped them off" about going live with brand new info. It had been available before now, but apparently, the site has been updated with unlockables for the PSP's Killzone Liberation and several other features. But even more intriguing is the imminent arrival of Killzone PS3 information, as described by Guerilla Games' "motherH" Downie:

"Hi folks, the long-awaited launch of is finally here. Now it is still work in progress and is not 100% yet, but it should allow you access to your unlockables via PSP or PC as well as exclusive content on the site. Currently the site only contains Killzone 1 (PS2) and Killzone: Liberation (PSP) information, but it will include Killzone 2 (PS3) information in the coming months. We will update the site on a regular basis so expect developer interviews, blogs and new content being rolled out constantly."

Therefore, if you're looking for the latest and greatest in the way of next-gen Killzone details, we suggest bookmarking that site. We'll also keep a close eye on it, in case you'd rather just keep us bookmarked. Really, it's easier that way, right?

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