Now I'm all confused.

The game is taking eons to complete and at this point, nobody would be surprised to hear that it's coming to next-generation platforms. For a while there, we thought it was flat-out canceled.

But Square Enix still swears Final Fantasy Versus XIII is coming, and they keep giving us these little complimentary updates that don't really mean anything. But the latest might give you pause: Speaking at the ongoing FF 25th anniversary event in Tokyo, Square Enix CEO Yoichi Wada had an interesting comment :

"When it reaches the level where it gives you that nostalgic, 'this is Final Fantasy!' feeling, I want to show it to everyone."

We all saw a quick snippet of gameplay some time ago, which featured a real-time swords-flashing encounter and a large, apparently open-ended world map. Now, either the game has changed drastically since then, or there's a missed translation here. Or, and I suppose this is just as possible, Square Enix has just completely lost sight of what FF used to be and have actually forgotten how these games used to play. Because that statement really doesn't make any sense to long-time series fans who saw that footage. We didn't go, "Yep, that's Final Fantasy !"

I wonder if all the head honchos at FF have just totally cracked up.

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