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We learned last week that Square-Enix had registered a new title, and that title was The Last Remnant . At the time, we had no further information on the game, but we now have some baseline information.

It will be a 1-player RPG, should be released simultaneously in the U.S. and Japan, and will appear on "next-generation consoles." The base storyline revolves around Remnants, which are "magical fragments of a bygone era once used to promote peace across the world." But over time, the Remnants switched from instruments of balance to "paths to immeasurable power." The main character's name is Rush Sykes, although we don't have any other details at this time.

The Remnants aren't any one thing, but can take the form of machines, beasts, and even weapons. The rest of the game will sport four different races of beings: the Mitra (humans), Yama (they look like fish), Qsiti (small humanoid lizards), and Sovanni (feline creatures with four arms). And we all know you're wondering about the battle system…will it be like Final Fantasy XII , or is it a return to traditional style? Well, it appears to be a little of both, as the system "will not be passive" and will feature QTEs at certain points. Combat will occur in a turn-based format, though.

The Last Remnant marks a brand new franchise for Square-Enix, and the RPG veteran is taking a new approach in delivering this game to American audiences. Part of the plan behind that simultaneous release and two main characters is the aim to appeal to a broader RPG fanbase. As they say, most RPGs are developed by Japanese developers for a Japanese audience, but Square-Enix is looking to avoid that mold with this one.

“From the conceptual stage of this project, we kept a global market in mind, placing a special emphasis on the North American market” says director Hiroshi Takai.

Okay, now we can't wait to hear more about The Last Remnant , and are more psyched than ever for Square-Enix's 2007 Party next week. For now, the release date remains "TBA," but we'll let you know when Square-Enix solidifies an exact date. Your favorite RPG company is preparing an original series for your playing pleasure…yeah, we figured you'd be excited.

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