This game can't get here fast enough. Seriously.

It easily topped the list of most anticipated fall titles for our readers, and many believe Assassin's Creed III is a serious Game of the Year contender. Heck, some believe it's a lock for the prestigious award.

And that belief is cultivated by the large amount of media we've seen thus far. You can watch the latest below; it takes us inside the revamped combat and tactics systems in the upcoming sequel. We will have more free-flowing freedom when fighting, everything about the atmosphere and encounters will be more authentic, and overall, Connor will face more diverse gameplay than ever before. This is the total, complete package.

However, if you're already drooling for ACIII, maybe you don't want to watch this…it'll just make you all the more impatient. October 30 isn't too far off but it seems like an eternity !