It brings a tear to the eye, doesn't it?

For those who remember the golden age of gaming, you just have to check out Dragon Fantasy Book II , which was recently detailed over at the PlayStation Blog . It's coming as a downloadable effort to the PS3 and Vita some time next year…and oh, the memories.

The team at Muteki Corporation wanted to "make the best RPG possible" and this time around they've upgraded to the "next generation;" i.e., 16-bit graphics. So essentially, this looks like what we had in the early 90s (that's right, kiddies), and they've altered the way they do battle, amped up the audio a bit, and oh yeah, added multiplayer support. Up to four players can enjoy this one, each acting as one of the four party members; the cool part is that each player can explore areas on their own and even engage in separate battles.

That's definitely a more advanced feature. I remember teaming up with a friend to play through Final Fantasy VI and while I could do stuff in battle, I certainly couldn't run around; only my buddy who controlled the party could do that. Lastly, there will be that classic focus on story along with the campy silliness of the amateur dialogue we all remember. Oh man…love this.