We're talkin' about some of the best games in the PlayStation universe and indeed, some of the best games ever .

The previously announced PlayStation Collection titles are available now (and will come to the PlayStation Store on September 25), and they represent the perfect gift for the holidays, or a fantastic addition to any collector's library.

There's the God of War Saga , which features a truly massive array of bad-assery, including the first two titles remastered in stunning high-definition, GoWIII, and even the God of War: Origins Collection , which includes Chains of Olympus and Ghost of Sparta , former PSP titles. It also boasts "exclusive bonus content," Trophies, and 1 free month of PlayStation Plus.

If you're more about free-roaming, lightning infused fun, you've got to go for the inFamous Collection , which includes both titles in the series along with a digital offering of the expansion, Festival of Blood . There are even a few extra missions and additional character costumes, power-ups and weapon styles. Last but not least is the Ratchet & Clank Collection , coming in at $29.99 ($10 cheaper than the other two Collections) and boasting no less than 5 classic titles alongside a free 10th anniversary R&C avatar and early access to the Sly Cooper thieves in Time demo!