A PS3 price cut has been a hot topic of conversation in the gaming world, but in order for that to happen, Sony needs to reduce the production costs. They're losing money on every unit sold, which doesn't bode well for a price cut. However, thanks to recent news reported by DigiTimes , those production costs could fall in the very near future.

The blue-laser pick-up heads (PUHs) utilized in the PS3 should both decrease in price and increase in number, meaning the overall production cost for the machine could fall by as much as $100. The article cites evidence of Sony Shiroishi Semiconducter announcing an expansion of its monthly production of blue-violet laser diodes, which means they'll be producing 1.7 million diodes per month. Furthermore, they talked about the start of volume production of 240mW (milliwatts) blue-violet laser diodes this November. All of this points towards a better supply of PUHs at lower prices.

We've long since anticipated a PS3 price drop, but we had no idea when it might occur…does this indicate a decreased price tag for the PS3 in the very near future?

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