When it was announced that the graphics synthesizer chip wouldn't be included in PAL PS3s, which means they wouldn't have full backwards compatibility, it was super-huge news. But as it turns out, nearly three-quarters of the PS2 library was playable on the PS3 right off the bat, despite the drawback. Furthermore, much like with the Xbox 360, Sony would continue to add more games to the backwards compatibility list as time went on.

And after the latest software Update 1.70, they have indeed updated the b/c list to reflect several new additions. Among them; the popular Gran Turismo , Ratchet and Clank , and Prince of Persia games, which should work flawlessly on the PS3 now, and several other PS3 titles – like Amplitude – have also been added.

Check the official PAL PS3 backwards compatibility site to see what the current status is for your games.

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