While it didn't shatter sales records the way it did in the UK, the PS3 has done relatively well in Australia. We knew the launch was solid, but here are some more encouraging numbers for Sony: the very popular Nintendo Wii and PS3 were neck-and-neck in total sales in the quarter ending March 31, according to gamer.blorge .

Nintendo sold 28,000 Wii units while Sony pushed 27,000 PS3 units, and Microsoft sold 20,000 Xbox 360s (source: Gfk Australia). This means that, despite all the reports of deserted game stores during the PS3 launch, it turns out the PS3 and Wii were almost dead even once Sony's new system arrived down under. And perhaps unsurprisingly, the PS2 was actually the top-selling console for the quarter, selling around 48,000 units.

But even more interesting is the difference in revenue generated by the Wii and PS3. While the unit sales were very much the same, the PS3 (which costs AU$999) racked up a grand total of AU$27 million in revenue, while the Wii (priced at $AU399) only managed AU$11 million. The 360, by comparison, generated around AU$13 million.

And if you're wondering what the difference in launch totals were, the PS3 wasn't that far behind the Wii's Australian launch; Nintendo sold around 33,000 Wiis at that time. In the end, it appears Australian gamers are very receptive to the PS3 thus far, and even more interesting, the PS3 and Wii are battling it out for sales supremacy. Could we eventually see the same thing in the U.S. and Japan?

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