Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch is precisely what the doctor ordered for the thirsting JRPG fanatics out there.

It made an appearance at Gamescom this past week, and Sony's Jeff Rubenstein went hands-on with Level-5's anticipated production; you can catch the breakdown over at the PlayStation Blog .

Along with providing us with a new video, seen below, Rubenstein outlined a couple demos, one featuring "An Errand for Father Oak" and the other boasting a quest that takes place later in the game, "Eruption Interruption." The trailer shows off a lot of story elements, focusing on the little boy's quest to save his mother, along with plenty of drama. The art style may not appeal to everyone (and one can hear the dismissive "meh, it's for kids" retorts already), but it's not supposed to appeal to everyone.