GameFly members are likely used to the relatively vague availability descriptions that go along with the service's products. Well, they've now decided to be a little more specific.

Dave Hodess, CEO of GameFly, told


"We developed this new system because the old one understated how much inventory we have in stock. Every day, we had games marked unavailable and then received a tremendous number of them in the return mail. We would ship these immediately to those with open slots in their game queues. The new system will help our members make better informed choices about which games to put into their Q's and how to rank them."

In other words, say goodbye to the "short wait" and "long wait" labels and say hello to the new set:

Well, this is good news (although we would've liked it to be more symmetrical with a "Very High Availability" label), and it should also help members make better selections. We all know how frustrating it can be to sit there waiting for a supposedly "Short Wait" title to ship, but now, we'll know the real difference between "Very Low" and "Medium" availability. Good move, GameFly!

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