Obviously, some titillating license was taken with the wording, or there was a fortunate mis-translation.

…at least, we assume we can't take this literally. And if we can, I think I'll try to get on Team Ninja's staff for the next DoA.

During a new PSU interview with Team Ninja producer Yosuke Hayashi, we learn that the developers went "hands-on" with partners and other members of the studio so as to get just the right breast physics. That's right, they put a whole lot of effort into that particular element, so the breasts of the female characters…uh…bounce correctly.

And in response to anyone who deems this sexist, Hayashi simply said that his team's goal was to create the "cutest chicks in video games" and that's exactly what they've done. That requires a little something extra, ya know. However, we shouldn't forget that DoA5 also boasts a brand new game engine "built from scratch," so the heart of a hardcore fighter definitely beats beneath those over-sized chests.

Just try to keep your mind on winning the match.

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