Want more fighters for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale ? Here they come.

Four more were unveiled yesterday at Gamescom, along with a hot new trailer (view it below). There are already plenty of first- and third-party icons involved in the melee, but you can't forget four of the most popular and beloved.

First up is Ratchet and Clank from Insomniac's esteemed franchise of the same name. The dynamic duo needed to be here; they're strongest at mid-range but they have the benefit of "varied angles of attack." Familiar weapons like the Combusto Pistol, R.Y.N.O. and Tesla Spikes are featured, too. Clank wields his powerful Chronoscepter and Mr. Zurkon pops up to give assistance as well. Spike is the second character; he's from Ape Escape and is a "well-rounded character" that uses traps and projectiles, along with a few "peculiar gadgets." Oh yeah…and apes. Don't forget the apes.

Dante from Capcom's Devil May Cry is another must, as this guy's sword skills and overall mobility make him a formidable opponent. Hack, slash and shoot your opponents into submission (you may also note that the character model is the new Dante; the one from the upcoming DMC reboot). Last but certainly not least is the cute but highly effective Sackboy from Media Molecule's award-winning LittleBigPlanet . He'll have a "panoply of items and gadgets" along with a "quirky and curious move set." It could take some practice to master him!

Feel free to check out all the gameplay videos of each awesome character over at the PlayStation Blog .