Sony has been lifting the lid on all sorts of new stuff at Gamescom today.

One of them is a new "teen horror-style" project from Supermassive Games that will take advantage of the PlayStation Move controller and launch some time in 2013.

It's called Until Dawn and we'll take control of multiple characters who – we're assuming – are gonna have to find a way to survive. The Move will be utilized in a "totally natural way," as it will fill different mechanical roles, such as a flashlight that will allow us to find our way in the dark. As for the plot and story, the developer says they've teamed up with Hollywood writers and various TV talent, and they're promising a downright "shocking" script. We could definitely use some good writing.

This could be a survival/horror revival of sorts, as purist fans of that genre say new franchises like Dead Space and the action-oriented approach of Resident Evil 6 are squashing the category's roots. Well, this one could be the epitome of survival/horror, so…