Capcom has a new one for us, and it seems both ambitious and promising, much like this year's very solid Dragon's Dogma .

Except their latest new IP isn't a fantasy-driven open-world RPG. Far from it; it's a sci-fi third-person action game called Remember Me , which is in development at Dontnod Entertainment and is scheduled to launch for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC in May 2013.

You may not be entirely unfamiliar with the project, as it was originally called "Adrift" when it was first announced. The game follows the story of Nilin, an "elite memory hunter" who has had her own memories stolen away in a future where there are no secrets. Nilin is not only capable of kicking your face in, she can invade your mind and take control, which reminds us of past titles like Syndicate and Mindjack . This engaging adventure could be pretty great.

Here's the official debut trailer for Remember Me :