What more do you want to do with your PS3? How about place long-distance phone calls? JAJAH , the new web-based phone company, is bringing its service to the PS3, according to a news posting at N4G . It will let users initiate free or "ultra-low" cost global phone calls directly from Sony's new console.

If you'd like to check it out, go ahead and register at play.jajah.com, and then you'll be allowed to talk to other people on their regular phones. JAJAH only launched a year ago, and yet, it's already got more than 2 million registered users in 55 countries. No, really.

"JAJAH's vision is to bring free and ultra low cost calls to people everywhere," said Roman Scharf, JAJAH co-founder. "Introducing JAJAH to gamers is another way of bringing that vision to life."

It's an interesting concept. If you wanted to do this, you'd first enter play.jajah.com through the PS3's Internet broswer. Then you'd just enter your own phone number as well as the number you're calling. Click "call," and JAJAH makes the call. Within a few seconds, your own phone will ring; you'll pick up, and the person your calling will also pick up, 'cuz their phone was ringing as well. Get it?

It's basically the same on the PS3 as it is on the web through a PC, so if you already have a JAJAH account, logging into play.jajah.com on the PS3 will show your address book and account information.

"JAJAH now brings free or cheap calling into the living room and away from computers," said Scharf. "Initiating a call with JAJAH can now be done while lounging in front of the TV with no need to fire up the computer. This means that the whole family, regardless of interests or technological skills, can make cheap or even free calls from their normal home phone."

How much does it cost? Nothing. A call with JAJAH is free, provided both users are registered with the service. And in the countries where it isn't free, it's supposedly an "ultra-low" cost. So for those of you looking for the best way to make long-distance phone calls – and want to make a lot of them – you might want to check this out.

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