I remember it being quite the phenomenon when it released on the Sega Dreamcast. Now, a dozen years later, it returns to garner new fans and remind the existing fans that yep, this is still a super fun game.

Sega has confirmed that Jet Set Radio will become a digital title for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC; it hits the Network on September 18 and the Xbox Live Arcade a day later. The price will be $9.99.

PlayStation Plus members will get a chance to download it a week earlier (September 11), and even Vita owners will have a shot at playing one of the more colorful and entertaining titles of an older generation. JSR will be available for Sony's new portable on October 16, and Sega has also revealed Android and iOS iterations of the game that will release some time "this summer."

What was called Jet Set Grind Radio in North America launched back in 2000 for the good ol' DC; it featured a character named Beat, the leader of a graffiti gang, who skates all over the place tagging the city to gain turf. It was quite the original concept and a whole lot of people seemed to like it. If you missed out, now's your chance to see what all the fuss was about.