Okay, now this is just getting frustrating. Who is "pre-selected" and why? And when will the peons get a chance to sign up? The Beta Trial for PlayStation Home has been getting a lot of attention lately, primarily due to the mystery of certain users suddenly getting a chance to download the Beta. It first appeared in Europe last week, and now, the first American PS3 users are reporting the Home Beta Trial has appeared in the Featured section of the PlayStation Store.

According to some members over at the official PlayStation boards , they've already downloaded the trial. But there has been no announcement from Sony, and the Home Beta Trial site hasn't changed one iota. Sony did confirm last week that a few specially "chosen" testers had received an invite in Europe, and it appears the same thing is happening in North America.

But is the selection random? We have no idea, but we do know – after checking the Store on our PS3 – that we see no Home Beta Trial icon in the Featured section. So basically, if we could have some sort of clarification from Sony, that'd be great. But to all those who found that icon earlier this morning, we say congrats to you…and refrain from throwing a tantrum of our own.

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