Sweet Tooth is a twisted bad-ass from the realm of Twisted Metal , and he'll seek to dominate in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale .

If you intend to use him a lot in the upcoming brawler, you should visit the PlayStation Blog and check out the new Sweet Tooth Strategy Video.

The developers had help from TM creator David Jaffe, and they even had early access to the recently released Twisted Metal reboot, and that's where they got the inspiration for Sweet's "Nuke Mode." It's pretty funny watching this guy rampage around in the Sweet Bot transformation, which is unsurprisingly his ultimate attack in PlayStation All-Stars . The guy's big, boasts powerful attacks, and has skills like flame breath, molotov cocktail, and chainsaw. Oh, and as a nod to TM, he'll have landmines and a freeze missile, too! Hey…isn't that cheating?