Yesterday, Sony Computer Entertainment announced it will be creating a brand new team designed for the purpose of licensing intellectual properties (source: IGN ). In other words, they want to expand its business development and increase awareness of the Sony brand. So if you start seeing Ratchet-branded cereal, Gran Turismo Matchbox cars, and Kratos-branded bubblegum, don't be surprised. It looks like all that is right around the corner.

Sony has appointed Shelly Gayner to take charge of this new team, and it'll be her job to coordinate the licensing of the PlayStation brand and all those recognizable first-party characters for "merchandise and entertainment products." She'll also handle the licensing of peripherals and other accessories across all PlayStation platforms.

"Shelly has the perfect blend of legal expertise and videogame industry knowledge which will help us grow the PlayStation business by introducing our valued brands to a wider audience," said Phil Rosenberg of SCEA. "We now have a dedicated team to help us capture licensing and revenue opportunities, which is important to our business and long-term growth."

Yup, sounds like good ol'-fashioned business to us. And we all know how many of you out there will have to try that Ratchet & Clank candy bar. It tastes just like…bolts!

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