For some old-school gamers, it just isn't a fighting game if you can't use an arcade stick.

And although PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale isn't exactly your quintessential hardcore fighter, developer SuperBot Entertainment will still offer the much-needed feature for those die-hard fans.

According to an update at the team's Facebook page , the upcoming brawler featuring iconic characters from the PlayStation universe will support "all popular arcade stick peripherals." That sorta turns it from a casual party game into something a bit more intense and…well, "pure," maybe. I was never into fighting games in the arcades, so I wouldn't know. Just making an educated guess based on experience.

Apparently, the only caveat might be the Throw command, which apparently isn't "easily transferable" from the standard Dual Shock 3 controller to an arcade stick. Unfortunately, while it's mapped to the right stick on the DS3, a Throw will have to be executed with a button combo when using a special arcade stick. There's a picture of someone using a stick on Facebook; will that be you come October 23? Fall isn't far away…

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