Player ratings in the Madden franchise are always a big topic of conversation. Some you agree with, some you don't.

But this year, you'll have a say in the final results. As we get closer to the launch of Madden NFL 13 , EA Sports is letting fans vote for individual player categories; it starts with the top 10 running backs. That's where you'll pick Speed, Acceleration, Truck, and Elusiveness for each player.

Hall of Fame RB Marshall Faulk tells you all about it in the video below. When you're done watching, head over to the Madden NFL Facebook page and make your selections. They'll also give you a chance to pick the ratings for the top 10 quarterbacks as well, so make sure you check back over the course of the next few weeks.

Me, I still miss the days when I could hurdle my way to the endzone because the hurdle was an invincible maneuver. Ah yes, the cheating good ol' days…I remember them well.