It seems like every country has an annual gaming event these days, and Sweden is no exception. The upcoming Nordic Games will be held iin the country's Malmo Exhibition and Convention Centre on May 15, and it seems Sony's PlayStation Network will be attempting to gather up a ton of attention.

As reported by Developmag , two of the biggest names at the show will be Warhawk and SingStar , the karaoke-driven game that is so popular in Europe. But beyond the games themselves, it will be their "Internet-based community features" that should be a major focal point of the show.

In addition, Sony will have several other demos and downloadable titles to present. Attendees will get a chance to view the likes of Super Rub-a-Dub , flOw , Lemmings , and the soon-to-be-released Calling All Cars , Super Stardust HD , and Nucleus . The PS3 is only recently available in Europe, so it's no surprise Sony is attempting to steal the spotlight with all these games. Little information regarding the rest of the event is available at this time, though.

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