Earlier today, we brought you the story of a Sony "insider" source who said we could see the PS4 as early as 18 months from now. Of course, this kicked off plenty of debate and discussion, so Sony had to respond somehow.

And the response, through Spong , is as follows:

"Obviously, this is garbage."

We had heard that the new machine would feature the same chipset as the PS3, only with an "extensive software suite" that would make it a "true home entertainment console." Of course, we had assumed they were just calling it the "PS4" for lack of a better name; it can't very well be the "PlayStation 4" if it's got the same processor, right?

The thing is, if they wanted to make an upgrade or enhancement, it could be done online via the Network. Furthermore, it would seem to be a terrible idea from a marketing standpoint, primarily because a new PlayStation in "18 months" would completely annoy those who invested a lot of money in the PS3. Sony UK wouldn't say anything further – apparently – but "this is garbage" is plenty direct enough.

For now, we're going to have to mark this down as a major rumor that simply fell flat.

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