Well, they're finally here: PS1 games we can download and play on the PS3! Before now, PS1 games downloaded via the PlayStation Store could only be transferred to and played on the PSP. Among the first titles that can be played on your PS3 are Tekken 2 , WipeOut , and Super Rub-a-Dub .

Sony Computer Entertainment America made the announcement today (source: Gamasutra ), and they clarified that these new additions can be played on both the PSP and PS3. The full list of games now available, at the reasonable price of $5.99 each, looks like this:

Only Super Rub-a-Dub is a dollar more at $6.99, but it's the North American debut of the title. Furthermore, Gauntlet II is on the way this week, along with videos of the Amiga shooter remake Super Stardust HD , the classic arcade hit, Rampart , and a sweet new trailer for Midway's upcoming FPS, BlackSite: Area 51 .

This is exactly the kind of news PlayStation fans have been waiting for, especially with so many more classics that could be added in the future. Now, you don't need the PSP to experience your favorite games of the past; the PS3 will handle both the downloading and playing. Nice.

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