Far Cry 3 impressed quite a few gamers when Ubisoft gave everyone a close look at the stimulating gameplay.

Now, here's your chance to check out the video walkthrough for the four-player cooperative mode found in the hotly anticipated sequel. If you've got some interested friends, make 'em watch, too.

The co-op mission takes place 6 months before the separate campaign, as four characters set out to track down a man who stole their stuff. Obviously, this is more of a side-quest when compared to the main attraction, but it's awesome to have a multiplayer-oriented co-op mode that isn't just a mirror image of the campaign, right? You know, there was a time when we had never heard of such a thing…let's appreciate the effort, shall we?

Far Cry 3 is slated to drop on December 4 in North America.

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10 years ago

This type of co-op really doesn't interest me at all, I would rather explore the world in the main story with a friend then play through some boring mission base levels. It's cool that it takes place 6 months before the campaign but honestly I don't care and I'll probably never play it.

10 years ago

Agreed. It looks fun and everything, but I'd like a less linear type of coop. Like you said, exploring a huge world like this with a friend, going separate ways to deal with different things or teaming up for cool open ended missions.

10 years ago

I agree too. This is much like the coop missions in RAGE. Short, rather meaningless and unchained snippets.
The shizzle is coop play of the main campaign.

That said, I'll get this game for sure! And if a friend got it too then sure we'll try the coop missions. But this will mainly be a single player game for me. And for that I can't wait!

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10 years ago

really pissed off there adding this to the game!
its just too much of a coincidence that they revealed this, than a few days later they announce its delayed.
your a detective now son your not allowed to believe in coincidences!
we have to wait 3 months or so for a feature that .000000000001% of the fan base will play!
they should of spent the extra development time bringing back the fire propagation system and the weapon damage system!
you know things people actually want!

one thing i HATE about this gen!
previous generations franchises brought new concepts and tools than built on them over the sequels making them bigger and better!
this gen one game brings in a new cool concept, far cry 2 and the fire propagation system for example.
than they go and rip it out for its sequel!
why do all cool new concepts have to be ripped out?
co-op was so popular in resistance so they removed it for resistance 2!
the massive boss battles of resistance 2 were so popular and beloved so they ripped it out for resistance 3!
the co-op maps for resistance 2 were so awesome and popular so they removed them for resitance 3!
and so on, and so on.
sigh, when did it become illegal for sequels to have the same concepts and tools their predecessors do?
when did it become law that sequels MUST be totally different games!

10 years ago

I appreciate co-op. Even if they don't do it exactly how I'd like them to do it, I like having it in a game. I like the option of playing with my friends, who don't live by me, without having to play online matches. It is less annoying and more fun sometimes to just be 'in a room' with a few of my friends.

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