Another week goes by, and we have even more evidence of Blu-Ray's domination over its arch-rival, HD-DVD.

In looking at results from Reuters and posted by TVPredictions , it appears that Blu-Ray accounted for 71% of all HDTV DVD sales last week, which easily trumps HD-DVD's 29%. Thanks to numbers from Nielsen VideoScan, Blu-Ray disc sales have doubled the sales of HD-DVD discs since the start of 2007.

We also see the first example of certain movie studios siding entirely with Blu-Ray, and that includes major studios like Disney. Reuters says Sony's format got a boost thanks to the release of "A Night at the Museum," which is only available on Blu-Ray. And the more popular those Blu-Ray-exclusive movies are, the further HD-DVD will fall behind.

With each passing week, it seems more and more likely that Sony has finally hit on a successful new video format.

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