And here we were, hoping against hope that we had left this kind of ugliness behind with the launch.

According to SFGate , a 31-year-old man was stabbed to death last night in an apparent argument over a Sony PlayStation (we'll assume they're talking about a PS3).

It appears the victim, Hani Attia, was out for revenge, and it ended in tragedy. An unidentified man stole the system from one of two women trying to sell it, and after chasing after him, one of the women actually got it back. But Attia stepped in to confront the thief, which resulted in the scuffle where he was fatally stabbed.

The police are still working to clear up the details, and they haven't made any arrests as of yet. Attia had planned to open a smoke shop in San Francisco, but sadly, that isn't going to happen now. Cue the anti-game activists who will attempt to prove the thief was a desperate gamer, and GTA made him stab his attacker.

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