Remember when the ESRB rated Grand Theft Auto III and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City earlier this year?

Whenever that happens, you can bet that the titles in question will soon enter the digital realm. And considering the two games in question, we had to keep a very close eye on when they'd go downloadable.

Thankfully, thanks to the latest PlayStation Blogcast , we now know that GTAIII will land on the PSN next week, and it'll sport an awfully agreeable $9.99 price tag. We're guessing Vice City won't be too far behind (and it's probably save to assume it too will cost ten bucks). Unfortunately, like the other PS2 classics, GTAIII won't be getting a high-definition update or Trophy support; it's basically just a re-release of the iconic, groundbreaking classic.

So next Tuesday, if you don't already have the game in your physical collection, you just gotta download GTAIII. I'm one of many who were completely blown away by this sucker. …and so what if it hasn't withstood the test of time? It's legendary !

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