If you're going to pay homage to the entire history of the franchise, you should probably have talent to reflect that impressive ambition.

Today, Activision Publishing has announced that the upcoming 007 Legends , which boasts scenes and sequences from different James Bond movies, will also feature "past and present Bond talent."

Unsurprisingly, the current Bond, Daniel Craig, will be included, but the list goes on from there: Rory Kinnear ("SKYFALL," "Wild Target," "Quantum of Solace") will lend his voice to MI6's Chief of Staff, Bill Tanner. Then in the Moonraker mission, we'll get Michael Lonsdale ("Of Gods and Men," "Munich," "Moonraker") reprising his role as the infamous villain Hugo Drax, and Richard Kiel ("Moonraker," "The Spy Who Loved Me," "Happy Gilmore") will be back as his henchman. Naomi Harris ("SKYFALL," "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest," "28 Days Later") will also be involved in the game.

To top it all off, veteran Bond film and game writer Bruce Feirstein ("The World is Not Enough," "Tomorrow Never Dies," "GoldenEye"), will pen the storyline in 007 Legends , while acclaimed Bond film composer David Arnold ("Die Another Day," "Tomorrow Never Dies," "Independence Day") and experienced TV composer Kevin Kiner ("Hell on Wheels," "Star Wars: The Clone Wars," "CSI: Miami") will handle the music responsibilities. That's quite the supporting cast, wouldn't you say?

Also, don't forget that a sixth mission based on the new "SKYFALL" movie will show up as downloadable content, so there's even more reason to pick up 007 Legends this fall.

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8 years ago

Looks like they're going all out. I just hope it's not as bland as Goldeneye: Reloaded.

8 years ago

still iffy on this.
it just seems a big mistake to me to do a greatest of version, i mean each of the bond movies have been so different from each other im worried it will feel disjointed.
just like playing 1 level from 10 different games.
i wish they would go back to the old hardcore stealth spy bond games on ps1 and base a new game on that!
than we could see a new mission impossible game, man i spent oh so much time with that game!
must of finished it like 100 times!