David Jaffe isn't used to delays – his God of War games hit the mark – but Sony has announced a delay for Jaffe's downloadable title, Calling All Cars . According to IGN , SCE representatives have said the game is "still going through the QA [quality assurance] process and that it won't be available for download on May 3."

Team Incognito has apparently decided to go back and take care of a few loose ends before pushing this one out to the Store. Now, this is happening due to mixed critic feedback that got posted last week via early reviews. But if they did decide to do more QA based on those reviews, does that mean the game will deserve a second review upon its release? Will it be significantly better? Guess we'll just have to wait and see.

Sony didn't provide a new release date, and said it wouldn't release "until at least May 10." Well, let's hope we see it right around then, and we can give Calling All Cars a go.

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