So we hear that Hideo Kojima will unveil his hot new Fox Engine at the end of August.

We don't know if he'll be showing off the secret "Project Ogre" at that time (although we'd like to assume we'll see pieces of it during the Fox presentation), but it has got us thinking: Might this title be the very last great exclusive for the PlayStation 3?

The generation has to end sometime and we already know about God of War: Ascension , Beyond: Two Souls , and The Last Of Us . But for Sony, a company that prides itself on top-flight exclusives, they'll probably want to keep churning out the AAA PS3 exclusives right up until the end. We're still hoping for The Last Guardian , but based on the recent update that involved the phrase "technical issues," we have our reservations about the future of that title.

And we can probably assume that Kojima's game is still a long ways off. So it'd be a logical conclusion to say that it'll either launch very late in the PS3's lifespan or very early in the PS4's lifespan. Dare we hope that it'll be a launch title for Sony's new console…? That'd be insane . Perhaps the reason it's taking a while for the Fox Engine to really get going is because Kojima and Co. are preparing it for a next-gen machine. But even if that isn't true, it's probably true that Project Ogre – whatever it may be – could become the last big reason to own a PS3.

As for whether or not it'll be exclusive, there are a few things going for Sony aficionados: Firstly, Kojima has always expressed his loyalty to Sony and at times has expressed his dislike of Microsoft. Secondly, his announcement that the Fox Engine will be unveiled on August 30 came at the PlayStation Blog. That doesn't automatically translate to "exclusive" but it's still a good sign. Thirdly and lastly, Kojima has always believed in the power of the PlayStation platform, and has said it's the only platform capable of handling his lofty visions. Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance is not his baby, remember. Spin-off.

So come the end of 2013 or somewhere around there, Kojima might give the PlayStation crowd one last thrill for this generation.