It's always tough unveiling a new game in a foreign language. And it's even tougher when there's virtually no information elsewhere in the world, but hey, the Internet is good for revealing all kinds of new stuff…regardless of how much we really know.

If you check out Gameswank's blog , it appears the newest Splinter Cell has been unveiled thanks to some leaked magazine scans. It's called Splinter Cell: Conviction – as you can see here – and it's apparently a major feature in the publication.

It's not in this language, of course, but that's okay. Thanks to a brief translation from Uncle at GaF, we can post the following introductory info for you:

"They say that at the beginning of the game Sam learns that Anna Grimsdottir is in danger so Sam joins Third Echelon again in order to help. However, Third Echelon is not what it used to be and in the first mission Sam gets false info and the wrong equipment, while his bosses are bickering amongst themselves about procedures, authority and such. Then Sam finds out that the threat to Anna comes from within the Third Echelon, quits and becomes a fugitive."

Well, that's nice. Now how's about Ubisoft coming clean and bringing us some details in English? We also hope to find out which platforms the game will be available for, and perhaps even an estimated release date.

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