Any time Square-Enix makes a new game, it's big news. And it's even bigger news when that Party of theirs is right around the corner this month.

As Gameswank tell us, the veteran RPG developer has registered a new title, and it's The Last Remnant . Unfortunately, we have no idea what platform it will be for (we're just being optimistic in guessing at the PS3), nor do we know when it will arrive.

We're honestly hoping it's not another handheld game, because the Square-Enix Party 2007 is already loaded down with more portable titles than we even thought was possible. But the company has hinted at one major announcement for the event, and perhaps The Last Remnant will be it. Could it be the Final Fantasy VII remake fans have been clamoring for for years? It's unlikely, but we can always hope. It might also be for the Nintendo Wii, as Square-Enix has talked about bringing a game to that system.

We assume we'll hear more about this during the Party in a couple weeks. And then, you'll know as soon as we know.

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