Obviously, the game is designed with the PC in mind and is best played on PC.

That much has been clear from the start. But considering the sheer amount of backlash and complaints surrounding Diablo III , and all these promises from Blizzard that they'll work on the issues, I'm wondering if the console versions of the game will be…well, you know, playable.

Maybe they will have ironed out all the significant problems by then, that's all I'm saying. The fact that we waited a whole bunch of years to get a game that essentially doesn't even work correctly is exclusive to the realm of PC, which is why that platform blows vile massive chunks, as far as I'm concerned. That being said, I do believe Blizzard's claims to fix things (even if many don't) and supposedly, Diablo III is still coming to the PS3 and 360 at some point. So wouldn't it be safe to assume that with the extra time, the console versions will be a little less…um…infuriating?

Those well-documented errors really don't seem to be disappearing at a rapid clip, as many ticked-off players in forums around the Internet will tell you. And I thought we left game-breaking bugs back in the 90s. But with PC gaming being perpetually stuck in the 90s, I suppose that's normal and in truth, I don't think anyone is surprised at the myriad of technical issues. Then there's this whole "have to be connected" thing, which I won't even dignify with a reaction. Nevertheless, it would be cool if a cleaned up version of Diablo III eventually arrived for consoles.

Let me be clear, however- I do realize that at that time, the game should be fixed up nicely for the PC as well. And of course, it really would be better played on PC, as that's the platform for which it was initially designed. I'm just saying that by the time it's ready to come to different platforms, the game should be much better than it is now in terms of stability.

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