Hey, perhaps you hadn't noticed, but Ninja Gaiden Sigma is pretty big news right about now. The playable demo is garnering plenty of attention and praise, and action aficionados everywhere are just itching to get their hands on this hot remake come summer. And, as it turns out, big fans can ante up some extra cash for the Special Edition.

The pricier version, detailed over at Pro-G , is officially listed by games retailer, GameStop. For the extra $10, you'll get the requisite behind-the-scenes footage, fancy high-resolution box art, and best of all, unlock codes for extra missions for both Ryu and Rachel. Unfortunately for European gamers, Eidos has no plans to release this expanded edition across the pond.

Is it worth the extra cash? Yeah, probably, especially if you're a fan of the game. And by now, who isn't a fan?

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