Ever since the teaser trailer debuted, it seems like everyone has been searching high and low for any shred of Grand Theft Auto IV info. Well, the latest little batch has arrived courtesy of a recent article in PSM UK magazine and reported on by TotalVideoGames . And as it turns out, there may be the possibility that Rockstar is facing limitations with the Xbox 360 version.

We already know about the name of the main character, the location, and the lack of airplanes (*sob*), but the article also hints at more animated NPCs wandering the streets of Liberty City and a more challenging police force. Let's face it- the police by themselves were never much of an obstacle in previous installments; it only started to get really tricky once the FBI was called at the four-star threat rating. So that's good news, and it seems like every new detail points to a more realistic GTA experience.

The piece also mentions some unconfirmed and unidentified multiplayer modes – which is awfully intriguing – and perhaps the most discussion-inducing bit of news: supposedly, "restraint" has been placed on Rockstar North due to Microsoft's Core 360, which doesn't have a hard drive. Furthermore, it appears the 360's DVD player is also something of a "restraint," although we don't have any specific details or quotes at this time.

So the real question is, of course, could the PS3 and 360 versions be significantly different, despite the game being built from the ground up with multiple platforms in mind? What exactly is this "restraint" they're talking about? And will it really affect the overall production? Guess we'll have to wait for a clarification from Rockstar, if they're willing to provide one. In the meantime, we'll be sure to bring you any new developments on the GTA IV front.

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