According to their design blog, GameTap is calling it "May Day." And on this particular "day," the online gaming service has several big announcements; the biggest of which centers on the upcoming Tomb Raider: Anniversary . Through a deal with the game's publisher, Eidos, the new title will be available for download immediately upon the game's launch on June 5. Best of all? It comes at no extra cost to subscribers and even non-subscribers can get it through GameTap's forthcoming digital distribution store.

The news broke on Yahoo today, and it seems this big-name game isn't the only new title GameTap is making available upon its release. Furthermore, the service is debuting their brand new free-to-play portal on May 31, which will launch with great games like Metal Slug , Bust-a-Move , and Tomb Raider: Legend . GameTap is using a three-tier membership "tree" to outline who gets what, so head on over if you're interested.

New games available right off the bat. Now that's what we like to see.

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