Complete the sentence.

There's probably no chance it'll be Grand Theft Auto V …is there? Rockstar has just said we may not see a lot of new info for quite some time, and there are rumors that the new Xbox might be here before spring. Is it possible that the developers have hit a small delay because they're making GTAV for both the Xbox 720 and current consoles? Or even the PS4 and Xbox 720?

Maybe that's unlikely. But what about the possibility of a long-awaited Bully sequel? We saw rumors about that earlier this year as well, and it could be the third game in Rockstar's hopper behind GTAV and the Red Dead follow-up. Then again, speaking of the latter, there's every chance that the new Red Dead – possibly dubbed "Red Dead Rebellion" – could be one of the early titles available for next-gen hardware. Wouldn't that be a bad-ass launch title? Although it hasn't been officially confirmed just yet, everyone knows a new Western effort is coming, and we can't wait, either. It's gonna rule .

So what do you say? Rockstar is easily one of the best developers out there and in fact, we've made the recent argument that Rockstar might be the most consistent producer of top-notch games this generation. Hence, everyone should be awfully interested in this developer's plans for the future. Me, I'm holding my breath…