If you hadn't noticed, old-school JRPG fans lament the loss of a certain style of gaming that has mostly disappeared.

But hark! What is that I hear…? The soft, sonorous call of a golden age of turn-based role-playing, beckoning us to return once more…

No, they aren't evil Sirens, they are benevolent goddesses who wish to bestow former glory upon us in the form of Rainbow Moon . This downloadable title has arrived on the US PlayStation Store; it features traditional RPG elements blended with a turn-based strategy form of combat, and it's so charming and vividly attractive (in a minimalist sort of way) that we could just cry.

An even longer trailer is on the PSN, by the way, and developer diaries can be found at YouTube as well. Don't ask if I'm going to review this one, either…if you do, it means you don't know me at all . ūüėČ

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