Update: IGN has confirmed that Sony Computer Entertainment Europe has indeed launched the first phase of the Home Beta trial to a small group of internal staff members and testers. They also say they'll open it to a "larger group this summer."

When is the PlayStation Home beta starting? Well, nobody really knows, considering the official site hasn't changed in the slightest. Last week, though, we heard about the Beta confirmation e-mails supposedly sent to a select few, and another interesting rumor has since come to light.

If you visit this thread in the PlayStation message boards , it appears there is a debate raging: has the Home beta already started in Europe? What's the deal, here? One pic – pictured here – is making the Internet rounds; as you can see, it sports the Home Beta icon. Several other members are firmly stating the icon suddenly arrived on their PS3 Cross Media Bar as well.

Some are claiming it's false, but there are quite a few who swear it's not. On the other hand, Sony hasn't said anything about the Beta launching in Europe, and we can't really understand why they wouldn't make a corresponding announcement. It'll be interesting to see how Sony responds to this…if they do at all. But if it's true, it means the Beta can't possibly be that far off for other regions, right?

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