Even though the PS3 launch in Australia wasn't as big as the record-breaking European launch, the sales numbers for Sony's new console continue to rise. According to GameSwank's blog via News.com.au , Sony has already sold over 36,000 PS3s despite that ridiculous $1000 price tag, and 35% of those new owners have connected the console to the Internet.

The article reports that sales of gaming consoles have "skyrocketed in recent years" (which is no real surprise), and with the recent launch of the new consoles, the evidence is even more obvious. Nintendo has sold 80,000 Wiis down under, and Microsoft has pushed double that number with the Xbox 360. Of course, the latter had the benefit of a full-year head start on the other two.

Sony Computer Entertainment Chief Michael Ephraim provided the 35% statistic and he further added that number should "grow exponentially."

"There is the atmosphere out there where digital content is something people are realising is not a trend, but is something they are going to have to have," he said. "I think we are there, but we are early in this whole thing. However, it is about the right time for four factors: digital content, high-def, Blu-ray and convergence in the lounge room. People want to have their entertainment where they want it, which is in the lounge room."

The piece also gives some general statistics, both of which are proving Australia is similar to the U.S. in terms of gaming fans. According to the Interactive Entertainment Association of Australia, 78% of citizens have some form of gaming platform in their home, and the average age of players is 28. The average age of a gamer in the U.S. is estimated to be around 29 years old, so one final fact becomes very clear: games are, of course, no longer just for kids.

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