If you're going to this year's Comic-Con event in San Diego next week, you'll be happy to know that Sony has prepped quite the lineup.

As revealed at the PlayStation Blog , some of the most anticipated titles in existence will get a lot of attention. Thanks to E3, you know the usual suspects.

Both The Last Of Us and Beyond: Two Souls will be getting their own panels, as will the artistic, innovative downloadable title, The Unfinished Swan and the colorful, entertaining PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale . We can also expect a few new announcements and the lucky attendees will get to sample some playable games, too. The other cool part is that the GT Academy National Finals will be held near the convention center in the Gaslight District, and random passerby have the chance of joining the tournament at the very last second. Think you've got what it takes?

Other games on tap include Sports Champions 2 , Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time , LittleBigPlanet Karting , and Papo Y Yo , as well as Vita title Retro City Rampage , LittleBigPlanet , Jet Set Radio , Ragnorak Odyssey, Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time , Sound Shapes , Gravity Rush , and Guacamelee . So yeah…games everywhere!

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10 years ago

Looking forward to Jet Set Radio when it comes to PSN. It's just too bad there's no inFamous 3 to show, that would be perfect for Comic-Con.

10 years ago

Yea i was actually hoping for Infamous 3… But hopefully they'll announce Infamous 3 and Uncharted 4 in TGS

10 years ago

I'm so excited about The Last Of Us And Beyond…Can't wait to see more on them… And maybe more info on what other game types and videos for God of War multiplayer

10 years ago

no god of war ascension?
eh, hopefully we get more info on both the last of us and beyond.
i really hope $ony shows a live gameplay demo of the 2nd trailer they released.
the one where elie and joel are in the car driving than come across a stranded guy in the middle of the road than they get ambushed.
aparently thats what was shown behind closed doors at E3.
hate this behind closed doors BS, if its ready for a few people to see its ready for everyone to see!
beyond 2 souls for instance, the behind closed doors demo actually leaked a few days later and it looked really cool!
cant see any reason why they couldent of shown it in their presser!
or at least in the interview demos with the multiple websites.

come to think of it though isent it 2 years now to this event where DNF was re revealed?
hmmmmmmmmm, i wonder if randy will have a new surprise for us!
i so hope so, DNF left such a sour taste in peoples mouths we REALLY need a new DN game!
and ever since the remake of 3D was put on hold there has been rumours flying that the team doing it have been bought by gearbox and it will become a internal development.
now that would be sweet!
id love to see a new DN game too, but first we need DN 3D HD!
hail to the king baby!

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