If it's not the most anticipated title of the year – if it makes it out this year, that is – than it's easily in the top five, we think. We were teased with a stellar demo during Christmas time, and most have viewed HD Concept as a very positive thing. Ever since then, fans of the simulator franchise have been chomping at the bit for more news regarding the next installment. Well, here's a little something to tide you over.

If you visit Sony's "semi-official" blog, ThreeSpeech , you'll notice they've announced a brand new video that will hit the PlayStation Store on May 4. There is virtually no information about the video, but hey, it's a new Gran Turismo video ! What more information do you really need to be excited? However, there is one curious little tidbit in the post:

"It’s also worth keeping an eye on www.granturismoworld.com, for future announcements."

Oh yeah? Are they hinting at a forthcoming announcement that might coincide with the release of this new video? And if so, are we looking at a major development, or perhaps just another car or race track for the demo? Well, whatever occurs, the video will certainly whet our appetite…at least for a while. Here's hoping Sony and Polyphony have some good news for us, though.

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