So, what did you think of Lollipop Chainsaw ?

The developers really want to know, because that feedback will help them create their next project. According to Impress Watch (as cited by GameSpot ), Kadokawa Games CEO Yoshimi Yasuda and Grasshopper Manufacture CEO Goichi Suda (Suda 51) are collecting gamer feedback for the recently released Lollipop Chainsaw .

That information will be put to good use in the creation of their next over-the-top title, Killer is Dead . Yasuda admitted that the reception for their most recent titillating zombie-slaying adventure was mixed, so he wants to hear how they can make things better the next time around. For our part, we say the graphics could be spruced up a bit, the control could be a bit more fluid and on-point, and we could use more in the way of exploration. I love linear adventures but that was a little too "on-rails" even for me.

Still, we had to recommend the game based on its style and fantastic tongue-in-cheek atmosphere, which we're rapidly losing in this industry. What would you say to Kadokawa and Grasshopper in reaction to Lollipop ?

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10 years ago

Loved it. But yeah I agree with Ben about the linearity and the controls. A more responsive scheme would be better, also I think the combat and combos themselves should be over the top along with the rest of it.

One of the things that Bayonetta did right was include craziness in the combat system like guillotines, Juliet had that awesome reverse splits move but we need even more insanity inside the fighting.

And keep up the crazy sidekick theme like Nick's head and Johnson in Shadows of the Damned, I love having a buddy along to quip back and forth with. Makes me laugh.

10 years ago

Well. With a meta score of less than 70 I'd say they should already have plenty sources for suggestions to work on. 😀

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10 years ago

if they added a MUCH more in depth combat system to lollipop chainsaw it would of done so so much better!
fix the repetitive nature of the game too, besides the boss battles every level was a repeat of the last!
also i dunno how they managed to make a chainsaw such a boring weapon to use!
they should move the pomp pomps to circle, than have square as a quick attack and triangle as a heavy attack.
than for a low quick attack use L2 and square, and low heavy L2 and triangle.
or even L3 for low quick, and R3 for low heavy.
they need way more say special moves too.
the rainbow time was really boring simply because all it did was increase your power.
if it changed the moves that you can do kinda like what L1 does to kratos in GOW than that would be really cool.
and again like GOW have multiple finishing moves for each of the enemy types.
if they fixed the repetitive nature of the game, and actually made the combat fun than it would of been a near perfect game!
could do with a bit more tongue in cheek humour too.
i know i always complain about how crass shadows of the damned was, but this kinda was a step too in the other direction.
it was not tongue in cheek humour.
they really needed to grow up from shadows, but sadly for this they grew up a little too much.