After this past week's Star Ocean: The 2nd Story article , I just had to give you a Rainbow Moon update.

It isn't a big-budget title but it's about as close to a traditional JRPG as we're going to get these days. They've been releasing developer diaries over the past few months, and the latest involves crafting and gear, which is a glimpse at the game's old-school depth. It's interesting because the Crafting ability is very similar to the Blacksmith skill in Star Ocean .

I've also tossed in an older dev diary concerning combat, just in case you missed it. Rainbow Moon is slated to hit the PlayStation Network on July 10 in the US (July 4 in Europe), and fans of the good ol' days of PS1 RPGs will definitely have to try it. The mix of tactical and role-playing battle elements is intriguing, the look is charming, and the depth is obviously there. Really can't wait!