Some say it's just consumers asking for something. …others say there's a whole lot of whining going on.

One veteran developer is done with avid Tekken fans constantly asking for original voice actors and audio samples from the franchise's 18-year history to be included in the upcoming and anticipated Tekken Tag Tournament 2 .

That developer is Namco Bandai head man Katsuhiro Harada, who was finally forced to speak out, explaining why it's illogical and unreasonable to use the audio from the original PlayStation productions. Obviously, his tolerance level is a little strained:

"I have something I want to say to the people who spam me with requests to 'switch back (or bring back) to the voice actors used previously… I believe that, before whining and complaining about everything, you need practice at taking a step back and analyzing things objectively. And also at being an adult.

The Tekken series has continued for 17 years. The development environment, as well as the environment in which you all play games, has changed. There are so many characters, and we can't keep using the same voice actors every time, for a variety of reasons ."

Harada did say that TTT2 fighters that "comply with some requests" will be revealed, but he won't be dealing with those who continue to be hostile and demanding. In fact, some of that attitude must've rubbed off on the boss man, who finishes his lengthy blog post as follows:

"I can't continue to engage the negative ones that, without knowing what you are talking about, or even thinking about what you are saying, blindly repeat 'bring back, bring back, bring back…' After this lengthy explanation, I will be quite surprised if there are still people who still don't get it. Thanks for understanding or not understanding. Whatever."

Not being a huge Tekken fan myself, I refrain from comment. But unreasonable and attitude-laden gamer complaints do seem to be an ongoing trend in this generation…either the immaturity level is rising or the immature few are really making the rest of us look bad.

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